Several months ago a dear friend of mine, knowing of my love of poetry – haiku, in particular – told me to write a haiku every week and send it to her. I was able to fulfill her request for only a few short weeks, and I’m afraid to say the haiku were mostly bad. It’s been a while since I’ve graced her with another bad poem, so instead of carrying on in this way, I’ve decided make a category for original haiku here, for whenever I write a decent one worth sharing. I came up with the idea last night when I was falling asleep and happened to write one in my head. I managed to get it down before I drifted off. Since haiku are very short and should contain everything about themselves within their three lines, I will be titling them only by number. Below is ‘one’.

A fair wind rises
Raises a glass to Nature
Takes a sip, then leaves.


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