The primary reason I’ve never had a blog is that I’m afraid people will mistake my writing for me — that if I expose one of my thoughts or beliefs, it will be taken as a permanent truth about myself, just because it’s in writing; that fluidity will be misunderstood as wishy-washiness. I know this is a thing writers have reason to fear because I’m an excellent example of someone who judges bloggers based on their writing. I cannot lie: the “mom blog” makes me physically ill (and, in self-reprobation, I therefore give my full permission for mom-bloggers to scoff heartily at my blogs). However, I’ve come to realize that if someone conflates my techne with me, it’s not my problem, and it’s also a horrible reason not to practice writing.

The primary reason I’m starting a blog, then, is not to entertain you (although, I confess, it is a desirable side effect, as is unnecessarily inflating my ego), but to practice writing. I’ve tried the journal route several times and simply can’t get any good writing out of it, which leads me to believe that writing — to be true practice — must have an audience. I also do a fair amount of “writing” in my head; for example, I composed most of this in cerebro while working. But the only audience in my head is, of course, me, and so the problem again arises. Thus, the lot of audience falls to you, gentle reader, and you must endure it.

The second reason I’ve always resisted the idea of blogging is that I in all honesty don’t have anything to write about, unless it’s to describe my thrilling afternoons of binge-watching Scrubs. So, to save you from that emotional rollercoaster*, this blog will be about nothing in particular, or anything in general. Most likely I’ll end up writing a lot about nature. My current inspiration, which may appear in a future piece, is a few thoughts I had about fruit this morning — I mention this to advise you to still read without expectations so that I won’t disappoint you.

And if you derive joy or anger or any other feeling besides boredom from my writing here, the practice will have paid off: I will have written well.

*Refer to season 7, episode 2


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